I’m a “Web Specialist”

Me llamo Brennan.

I live in St. Louis.

Goals for 2024

  • Complete a Web Developer Certificate so I can say I did.
  • Finish this WordPress plugin that I have been working on to manage a site’s CSP and SRI (I’ll link to it if/when it’s “finished”).
  • Co-organize some WordPress Meetups.
  • Move into a house that wasn’t built in 1900.


I’ve been interested in web design/development off and on since 2015. I started out by experimenting with writing static files in my free time while holding a night job. I’d come home at 12 AM and work until dawn. Sometimes I would work on these sites at work on my small HTC smartphone, which was fun. It would have been nice to have github.dev back then. This fueled my interest in how websites worked and my desire to build things.

Nowadays, I manage, maintain, design, and develop websites for Seiler Instrument — as well as perform other IT tasks across the company.

More recently, I have committed myself to try and co-organize some local WordPress Meetups.