Why am I writing about nothing

Because I have nothing to write about, yet.

Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.

A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Now, that is not actually true. You can’t write about nothing. The topic just materializes into whatever is on your mind. And sometimes that can lead to self-reflection or possibly an idea for a new thing. Like having shower-thoughts.

Blogs can be a great medium for self-expression

And it used to be that is all a blog was, a personal online diary or journal. But blogs have transformed from something more personal to a thing that can be monetized, largely catering to niche topics. However, they are still a great method to express yourself and voice your ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It also provides an opportunity to improve your writing, critical thinking, and to help develop better habits/structure by way of self-reflection. And in time, it may very well bring out a niche that you are passionate about!

The ProBlogger himself, Darren Rowse, talks about some of these benefits of personal blogs. But at the same time, somewhat unsurprisingly, circles back towards monetization. I mean, his niche is blogs and so he is catering towards his audience. Which is his prerogative. In any case, as Darren notes, blogs have no rules. So here I am writing about nothing in particular.

But why though?

In writing this, I think I’m subconsciously attempting to validate my reasoning for creating this website. If you ever had the pleasure (or displeasure) of knowing me, you might pick out that I’m not really a very expressive being. And perhaps may come off as an empty vessel in some cases. Or at least, this is a self-observation of what someone might perceive of me.

This thinking of mine may be due to social anxiety or whatever though — which I’ve never been to someone professionally to have an official mental diagnosis, or to tell me that it’s just all in my head. And I should see someone, I know. I’m constantly thinking of what other people think. And it only compounds in groups. Basically, debilitating any social ability that was even there. Then developing into depression, retracting what motivation may have been realized to seek help in the first place. And around it goes.

There is more to me though than my bad self-image.

Back to the topic, the reasoning and direction of this website/journal. I need something to work on to help improve my skills in web development and design. And this gives me an opportunity to do that as well as provide a form of expression. Honestly though, it may also just be a subconscious act for attention, not that many people will see it.

On this website, I’ll be submitting various thoughts, ideas, personal projects, and articles on web development and design as I learn things that might be worth sharing. And I’m just going to jump in head-first, as I do, with this writing — not expecting anything to come out of it other than personal gain for building skill and experience.






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