Author: bgoewert

  • Greeting (Apology) Card Maker

    Greeting (Apology) Card Maker

    Originally a HTML5 Canvas assignment for a “Graphics for the Web” college course. I expanded it to be able to edit the and create apology/greeting cards. This was mainly made to play with canvas.

  • Italian Moto History

    Italian Moto History

    I built an early version of this site on a HTC smartphone in 2016 while working on night shifts. It has since been re-created as my Final Exam for the “Web Publishing” course (IS 139) at St. Louis Community College (STLCC).

  • Seiler GeoDrones

    Seiler GeoDrones

    Created for the Seiler GeoDrones division in 2020 when the WordPress site editor and block themes were first coming out. This is a 100% custom block theme.

  • Ajax Unit Tests for WordPress Plugin Development

    The past couple of days I was having a hard time figuring out why my unit tests for AJAX were giving me an error stating Serialization of ‘Closure’ is not allowed. I’ve since fixed it and wanted to post about it because why not. Things I installed: This is the actual test class I was…

  • Installing Docker Desktop on Pop_OS! 22.04

    When trying to install Docker Desktop on Linux the other day using the .deb file and Eddy, I got this generic error code 100 (Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot). And I could not figure out what it was. This is my first real time at attempting to use a Linux distro as a…

  • Jared Goewert

    Jared Goewert

    This was a bit of a challenge and tested my front-end knowledge. My brother, Jared, is studying graphic design. And I told him to create something without thinking about any limitations that a website might have.

  • Deploying WordPress in the Google App Engine Flexible Environment

    Google actually has a guide for this. But when I was following along, I ran into some issues with the deploy process because certain composer packages require PHP>=8.0. Finally…I have figured out how to do this now without running into build errors. Currently Supported PHP Versions Unfortunately, the App Engine Flexible environment does not currently…