Category: Work

  • Greeting (Apology) Card Maker

    Greeting (Apology) Card Maker

    Originally a HTML5 Canvas assignment for a “Graphics for the Web” college course. I expanded it to be able to edit the and create apology/greeting cards. This was mainly made to play with canvas.

  • Italian Moto History

    Italian Moto History

    I built an early version of this site on a HTC smartphone in 2016 while working on night shifts. It has since been re-created as my Final Exam for the “Web Publishing” course (IS 139) at St. Louis Community College (STLCC).

  • Seiler GeoDrones

    Seiler GeoDrones

    Created for the Seiler GeoDrones division in 2020 when the WordPress site editor and block themes were first coming out. This is a 100% custom block theme.

  • Jared Goewert

    Jared Goewert

    This was a bit of a challenge and tested my front-end knowledge. My brother, Jared, is studying graphic design. And I told him to create something without thinking about any limitations that a website might have.