Some things about me

Hola 👋

Me llamo Brennan. I live in St. Louis.

I’m really just your average consumer with too many distractions. And honestly, I’m not great at many things, but I’m great at oversharing for no reason. So here are some of my goals and interests.


  • Complete a Web Developer Certificate so I can say I did.
  • Work more on Komfy.Studio.
  • Finish this WordPress plugin that I have been working on to manage your Content Security Policy. (I’ll link to it if/when it’s “finished”)
  • Move into a house that wasn’t built in 1900.



I’ve been interested in web design/development off and on since 2015. You would consider me “self-taught” because I do not have any pieces of paper from a school saying that I went there for a few years. I started out by experimenting with writing static HTML/CSS/JS pages for myself in my free time while holding a night job. Sometimes I would work on these sites at work with a text editor on my small HTC smartphone. It would have been nice to have back then. This fueled my interest in how websites worked and my desire to build things.

Nowadays, I manage, maintain, design, and develop websites for several divisions within Seiler Instrument — as well as perform other IT related tasks across the company.

Other Things

  • Hiking. Rain or shine, but only when I feel like it. 🙃
  • Motorcycles
  • Photography
    • Admittedly I don’t get out and take pictures very much anymore. Unless I’m maybe out hiking by myself or hanging out with my brother with the intent of taking pictures.
  • Binging shows/movies. And then forgetting details.
  • Appreciating the many genres of music. Spotify radios are the best. They introduce you to so many new artists and genres that you would have otherwise never listened to.