Seiler GeoDrones

Type: E-Commerce Website

URL: (ca. 2022)


Disclosure, my day job is as a “Web Specialist” for Seiler Instrument. When their GeoDrones division was established in 2020, they needed a website. I said I could create something simple for them, and this is the result. I think it turned out pretty good for having no “real” design experience. And I am certainly proud of it.

This website was created using WordPress and WooCommerce. At the time, WordPress was in the works of releasing their new page/site editor, and I was excited to use this site as an opportunity to learn about working with and creating themes using this new site editor. When creating this website, I did not want to be locked into using a site builder like Avada or Divi. I wanted to learn how I can use the WordPress site editor and the plugin/theme (function/design) methodology as it was intended to be used.